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Friday, January 10, 2014

Random Musings: My First Purchase From Galleon

I heard a lot about like you can order products which are not readily available here in the Philippines. So last December 07, 2013, out of curiosity I visited the site and browsed through their products. I was very glad to find an item that I have been wanting to have for years:(Messages From Your Angels Cards (Large Card Decks).
That time when it was posted on the Galleon website, the price was not yet listed so I clicked on the Request Pricing button. I think it was less than an hour when an email arrived informing me of the price of the item. I visited the link and there I can see the Buy Now button. Since I linked my Facebook account, I got a discount upon checkout. 

I was able to track the progress of my purchase when I logged-in and clicked on the Orders link, and it redirected me to a page where I can view my order history. I also got updated through email about the status of my order. 

A few days after the order, the people from informed me that they tried to call me a lot of times because they wanted to tell me that the item was unavailable and they will have to order it from another supplier. Unfortunately, during those days I was not able to answer back because I was a bit busy with stuff. 

I was only able to ask for an update when I was the one who made the follow-up when I noticed that the status of my order was not changing from received-payment. I got a call from their agent who informed me of the payment changes, and another call from their First Mate who explained thoroughly about the changes. I learned that since my item was unavailable and will be ordered from another supplier, I had to add a small amount for the additional payment. After the call and confirmation, I received the invoice for the additional payment, and when I checked the status of my order, it was changed to processing last December 20, 2013. 

The weeks have passed, then last Wednesday, I received an email update that my item was already out for delivery, which will be delivered by LBC. I will be able to receive it within two business days. I was excited!

Last night, I checked with Galleon and LBC about the tracking number since it does not show-up on LBC's site. The tracking number only worked this morning and it displayed that the item has been delivered to the my area's delivery hub. It was a big surprise that after a few hours, my item finally arrived! They even included a sticker inside the package. : D

Regarding with their customer support and service, I am very much satisfied, and I will surely make another purchase in the near future; probably items for my bunnies. : )

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