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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Anime Musings: The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki Part 1

***Spoilers alert!!!***

When I first saw the trailer, I told myself that I will watch it. So when that day finally arrived, I was happy and excited.

I was intrigued to see the anime because I got curious on how the love story began between a young normal woman and a man that turns into a wolf. I find it magical and fairy tale-like especially that the setting was already in modern time. For me, it was like a modern-twisted tale of Red Riding Hood; just take out the  part when the wolf said, "All the better to eat you up with, my dear!"
When Hana first saw the guy, it got me thinking that she was the curious-type of girl who likes mysterious-looking guys. She seemed to be easily attracted to a guy who isolates himself and just sits quietly at a corner. She even noticed that the guy did not submit his attendance slip so she bothered to run after him. 

The guy on the other hand was the quiet and mysterious type. He had the initiative to learn which was shown when he attended a class at the university. He was also gentle especially to kids. He was just doing his own business; studying and working to make a living, until Hana came into his life. 

I cannot remember a part in the anime if the guy mentioned his name to Hana or if there was a scene when she called him by his name. Even Yuki did not mention her father's name. So I guess, it was just Ookami/the Wolfman.

As for their love story, I think the pacing of their relationship was fast. They just had a few dates and after the confession which the guy made that night, they decided to live together, and have their first child. 

Not knowing what her child would look like, I admire Hana's bravery to give birth without any medical help. It was a risky move though, especially that it was her first time to deliver a child. I like how the guy was very supportive throughout Hana's pregnancy and up until the baby came out. It was admirable to see how they relied on each other as a couple. The guy was responsible and dependable towards his wife and child.

After some years passed, after they got their first child who they named Yuki, they had another child who they named Ame. His birth marked a drastic change in their family life. The rain also added the feeling of sadness that day.

To be continued...

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